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Gruppo Zilio SpA // The Group’s History
specialised labourers and qualified installers with all the required know-how, equipment and tools. The group's other stronghold is its 'integrated specialisation', that is, high-tech performance in related sectors which reinforce one another: from construction to plants, from energy to services (information and telecommunications science, business services).
The Zilio Group has been in business for more than half a century as a preferred partner for public and private sector enterprises in Italy and abroad, offering a range of highly specialised services. The Group is inspired by the principle of guaranteeing the utmost dependability, safety and savings in operation. With the right amount of flexibility and speed: essential qualities for responding promptly to customers’ needs.
The Group’s successful formula involves offering a complete 'turnkey' service: Zilio studies and proposes special solutions, implements them, tests and inspects them and performs maintenance work, all using its own technical staff of engineers, assessors, surveyors,
// Evolution
Established near Bassano del Grappa (Vi), where it still has its headquarters and numerous productive facilities, the Zilio Group has expanded its operations all over the Triveneto area and then the rest of Italy.
It has gained significant experience in other European countries such as Germany, Spain, Austria, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Turkey as well as in North America (Canada) and Asia (South Korea, Israel).
Gruppo Zilio SpA // Strategies and values
What we want to do is continue growing in this direction, constantly seeking and proposing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs, reinforcing their trust in what we do and contributing to their success.
The principle guiding the Zilio Group is achievement of customer satisfaction through a complete, customised, innovative service.
The company’s philosophy is based on three key factors: first of all, the ability to anticipate demand on the market, seeking innovative answers that will meet customers’ needs; secondly, commitment to standing out for its dependability, product quality and sensitivity to environmental issues; thirdly, awareness of the fact that a company may achieve and maintain success only if its employees at all levels are strongly motivated to express their full potential.


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